Sherpa - Tanzlinde (LP)

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Debut album of the Italian Neo Psychedelic band Sherpa

„Tanzlinde' is the debut album of the neo-psych band Sherpa from Abruzzo, Italy.
The band got inspired by their mountains up to eastern cultures and ancient singings, and the result is a debut album which is psychedelic in the meaning of bursting the borders of music genres. You hear influences of psychedelia and Krautrock, in the direction of Popol Vuh and Robert Wyatt, but also eastern culture's traditional music. There are hints of Indie or even some slightly pop music influences.

„Tanzlinde' means a linden tree under which's leaves the people find time to get back to theirselves and connecting to their deepest feelings. It's a metaphor for strenght but fast growing and so is the music: the album „Tanzlinde' is a tribute to powerful growth - and also the album itself is a real grower: with it's translucent sounding, it becomes better and more intense with every listen...

Additional Details

Label: Sulatron

Genre: Psychedelic

Language: English

Run Time: 58:42 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/23/17

UPC: 9120031190691

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