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Stromkern - Dead Letters Ep (CD)


Stromkern - Dead Letters Ep (CD)

$ 9.99

Release Date: 03/13/12

Stromkern's first new release since 2005's Light it Up.

Featuring 5 new tracks, Dead Letters includes the epic Sub-Librarian which was featured on the Dependence 2011 in Europe and the long awaited release of Ruin(ed), which has become a staple in the Stromkern live show. Picking up where they left off on Light it Up, Stromkern continues to blend Hip-hop vocals with layers of programming and elements of industrial rock. Dead Letters will not disappoint and only sets the stage for what is to come later this year with the release of Dead Language.

Label: Wtii Records
Genre: Industrial
Run Time: 22 mins

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