Stromkern - Hindsight (single) (CD)


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The third and final single from the Light it Up album. Features guest vocals from Victoria Lloyd.

The melodic 'Hindsight', has been chosen as the third and final single from Stromkern's critically acclaimed album Light It Up. 'Hindsight' features guest vocalist Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant / HMB), and showcases a softer, gentler side of Stromkern. The final single with feature several versions of the title track and an unreleased b-side.

Track Listing

    • Hindsight (Leise)
    • Hindsight (Album Version)
    • Hindsight (Extended Version)
    • Etude a-moll NR.2

    Additional Details

    Label: WTII Records

    Genre: Industrial

    Run Time: 21 mins

    Release Date: 07/24/07

    UPC: 801676004725

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