Sunshine Jones - Seven Tracks in Seven Days (CD)

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Debut solo album from the former frontman of the internationally known Dubtribe Sound System.

Sunshine Jones was formerly the frontman for the internationally known Dubtribe Sound System. 'Seven Tracks in Seven Days' is his debut solo album. Led by the first single 'I Believe'/'I Surrender' and already supported by the likes of Terry Farley and Murray Richardson, 'Seven Tracks in Seven Days' is one man's love letter to the raw yet emotional music that captured a generation's heart, mind, and soul. Inspired by the likes of Chicago house music 'Seven Tracks' shows a rarely seen 'electronic' side of Sunshine Jones.


Additional Details

Label: King Street Sounds

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

Run Time: 62 mins

Release Date: 05/15/07

UPC: 788557025126

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