The Birth Of Hip Bop (CD)

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Hip Bop is a genre of Jazz that emerged during the early part of the millennium. It might be described as a unique blend of groove oriented improvisation, scat vocals and rap, played over heavy beats and a traditional walking bass. Too Blue Lou And The Groove introduced this new concept on their debut album entitled, The Birth of Hip Bop'.Considered by some as the rude child of mainstream Jazz, Hip Bop, immediately caught the attention of Jazz lovers everywhere who enjoyed getting their Jazz served nice and hard. Soon after, the non-Jazz crowd joined the fan base, if only for the infectious beat. Hip Bop gradually evolved into an even more danceable music, prompting the Hip Bop dance club craze of the 2020's, and evidenced by the whole Hip Bop culture we have today, Hip Bop is still going strong.

Track Listing

    • Never Gonna Give Up
    • Nardis
    • Hip Bop & Scappy
    • Groove One for Fun
    • That Situation
    • Stella By Starlight
    • Ode to Knee Deep
    • Blue in Green

    Additional Details

    Label: Jazzheads

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 40 mins

    Release Date: 10/13/15

    UPC: 809819115727

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