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The Gothsicles - Industrialites & Magic (CD)


The Gothsicles - Industrialites & Magic (CD)

$ 14.99

Release Date: 08/09/11

The Gothsicles return with 13 slammin new tracks plus remixes from Leætherstrip, Project Pitchfork, Reaper, Caustic, Yendri and Boole.

Dude, I heard the new Gothsicles is like, really effin' good. I know they were all ready kind of a thing because of their last two albums and some of the most triumphant live shows at a bunch of the biggest industrial fests around the planet, but Industrialites & Magic is supposed to be just like 'fuuuuuck'. Major heavy hitter level-up type shit, believe it or not. The guy's tigersquawk vocals are apparently just totally sick on this one, too, but there's also a lot of change up there at the same time. Musically, though, it's supposed to be amazing. Meaty-ass EBM dance beats and crusty-ass synths put the hindquarters in motion. And the lyrics are effin' hilarious. My friend was telling me he was basically laughing his balls off with songs about inebriated injury, role-playing game fatalities, Goonies II, baby fights, all types a' goings-on. Guest vocals from the illustrious Caustic, Xuberx and Critical System Error and remixes from scene legends Leætherstrip, Project Pitchfork, Reaper, Caustic, Yendri and Boole.

Label: Wtii Records
Genre: Industrial
Run Time: 65 mins

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