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The Thought Criminals - Die Young:stay Pretty (CD)


The Thought Criminals - Die Young:stay Pretty (CD)

$ 9.99

Release Date: 11/11/08

The EBM laced tongue & cheek/Sci-fi/80's stoked Electro Punk themed debut from the Thought Criminals

The Thought Criminals sound can only be described as an EBM laced Sci-fi/80's /Electro Punk montage. Programmer/Musician Kirlian Blue, supplies the backdrop for frontman Rocky Goode's tongue & cheek vocals. Die Young: Stay Pretty, is a 10 track album which contains 3 bona fide singles: The catchy pop hit '(I'm Gonna Be a) Celebrity,' the old school EBM 'Date Rape Lovers' and the explosive 'My Baby's a Suicide Bomber.' In addition to the album tracks, Die Young: Stay Pretty, includes seven bonus remixes that will be sure to pack dance floors across the globe.

Label: Wtii Records
Genre: Industrial
Run Time: 69 mins

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