Tiamat - Wild Honey (White Vinyl) (LP)

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Wildhoney is Tiamat's groundbreaking 4th album that first incorporated more psychedelic/progressive influences

A landmark album in the evolution of Tiamat's development, as well as `atmospheric metal', Wildhoney opens doors into previously unexplored realms of ambiance in metal music. The album's sequence of events reflects Tiamat's departure from dark doom/death metal into pure ethereal, psychedelic, and gothic music that acts more as soundtrack to strange experience than traditional song based approach. With this effort, the primary purpose of Tiamat becomes abundantly clear, as the disc flows in an uninterrupted stream of sound collages and atmospherics, adopting the approach to album construction formatted by progressive rock bands of the 1970s in which records were structured as an entire experience rather than a collection of individual songs. Tiamat aims to envelope the listener in dreamland atmosphere while manipulating emotional response and thought pattern.

Additional Details

Label: Transcending Records

Genre: Metal

Run Time: 40 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 02/24/23

UPC: 760137138358

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