Uma Silbey - Soul Of The Beloved (CD)


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Release Date: 01/26/15

Aficionados may have seen Uma Silbey on NBC's Today show, CNN or any number of other high profile television shows.  Her position as a well-known musician, healer, and writer has thrust Uma into the national spotlight on multiple occasions.  Her many years as a Renaissance woman has enabled her to become an influential expert in deep healing music and guided meditations.<br><br>A Descendant of the Baroque composer Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714-1787), Uma was originally trained as a classical pianist.  With 15 recordings in her discography, this multi-talented musician has been producing and recording music as well as narrative guided meditation recordings since 1985.  As well as being the author of four books including the international best seller, 'The Complete Crystal Guidebook,' Uma has an illustrious and distinctive history in sound healing, yoga and shamanism practices.<br><br>When speaking of her music, Uma believes that it should not only be 'musical' and sound beautiful, but should also deeply touch people's hearts.  Soul of the Beloved has been fashioned to guide listeners into states of meditation, trance, deep relaxation and expanded consciousness.<br><br>We invite you to enjoy Uma's beautiful collection of pastoral and sound healing music on her Cocoro Sounds debut, Soul of the Beloved.<br><br>TRACK LISTING: <br>1. Emergence<br>2. Awakening<br>3. Peaceful Heart<br>4. Ocean Of Love<br>5. Soul Dance<br>6. Poigniant Love<br>7. Tears Of Joy<br>8. Garden Of Love<br>9. Grace<br>10. Soliloquy For Harp<br>11. Joy

Label: Domo Records
Genre: World

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