Vol. 3-music For The Spirit (CD)

SKU: PWDOM730012

$ 17.99


Release Date: 01/26/15

Volume 3 is a relaxing and illuminating collection with a synthesis of audio sensations from around the world!  Featured is Grammy nominated flutist Nawang Khechog, violin virtuoso Yu-Xiao Guang and the world renowned Flamenco guitar duo, Benedetti & Svoboda.<br><br>TRACK LISTING: <br>1. Wave Of Sand - Kitaro<br>2. New Moon - Luis Villegas<br>3. Midnight Rendezvous - Steve Reid<br>4. Sorrow's Call - Dave Eggar<br>5. Mediterranean Sunrise - Benedetti & Svoboda<br>6. Song For Julian - Ray Obiedo<br>7. Presence - Nawang Khechog<br>8. Fiesta - Kitaro<br>9. Harmonic Convergence - Harleigh Cole<br>10. Sausalito - Sapphron Obois<br>11. A Dream Of A Deep Sea - Shinji<br>12. Caravansary - Yu-Xiao Guang

Label: Domo Records
Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

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