Wayne Latin Jazz Quintet Wallace - Latin Jazz-jazz Latin (CD)

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More than a bit of word play, the title of the Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet s revelatory new CD, Latin Jazz Jazz Latin represents the cyclical sensibility that animates Wayne Wallace's music. Every tune reflects the inexorable flow of rhythmic currents between Caribbean and African-American communities, a diaspora communion responsible for unprecedented creative ferment. An invaluable creative catalyst on the Bay Area music scene since the 1970s, the five-time Grammy Award-nominee is revered as an educator, player, arranger, and producer with his label, Patois Records. Latin Jazz - Jazz Latin, is Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet's fourth Patois Records release, and the album displays all of the thrilling interplay, melodic invention, and blazing improvisational flights that distinguishes his music.

Additional Details

Label: Patois Records

Genre: Jazz

Language: English

Run Time: 55 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/07/15

UPC: 884501907385

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