White Canvas - Hundreds of Ways (CD)


$ 15.99


Rena Meyer Wiel: an acceptional voice that has performed this year together on the stage with Bobby McFerrin and his Bobble musical at Lörrach Stimmen Festival. Acoustic Guitar and Soundscapes by Rolf Beydemüller.

Track Listing

    • A Fine Wind is Blowing
    • Cities in the Sky
    • Will o' Wisp Tumbling
    • Morning Sky
    • Go Easy
    • Will o' Wisp Soaring
    • Ambuya
    • Will o' Wisp Running
    • Dayin Dayout
    • Land's End
    • Will o' Wisp Rising
    • Das Dunkle Herz
    • Angeli
    • Wooden Melody
    • A City's Heartbeat
    • Fine Wind - Reprise

    Additional Details

    Label: Ozella Music

    Genre: Jazz

    Release Date: 02/26/10

    UPC: 4038952000287

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