Will Samson - Ground Luminosity (LP)


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Will Samson is a British musician exploring the middle ground between ambient, electronic, experimental & acoustic music

Using his familiar and ever-present array of tape machines, Brighton based Will Samson has patiently and carefully crafted his most detailed and ambitious album to date - displaying a much heavier focus on beats and electronics.' 'I felt that this is something that can get lost amongst quiet, ambient sets - so I wanted to explore this middle ground. Since drums were the only instrument I had lessons for, I would spend many endless hours editing the tiniest little details of clicks and thumps, which became an almost zen-like process.' Inspired by his collaborative works, the beats and electronics, which previously perched subtly in the background, have now edged their way to the front line of Samson's music. Prominent violins, found sounds, plus contributions from musical peers, such as Benoit Pioulard (Kranky) and Message To Bears all assist in bringing Will's sonic output a further step forward in its evolution. Ground Luminosity is the third full-length album and fourth solo release from British-born musician, Will Samson. Previous Press: '...running themes and riffs waft over songs so heartfelt, you dare not speak over them.' - Clash Magazine 'Awash with Eno-esque ambience, and recorded late at night to cassette - the glitches and hiss adding to the dusky atmosphere.'- 8/10 - Uncut



Track Listing

    • Tumble
    • Sunbeamer Pt.1
    • Flow, The Moon
    • Ground Luminosity
    • Pyrton Bells
    • When I Was A Mountain
    • Suspended In
    • Night Canyon

    Additional Details

    Label: Talitres

    Genre: Folk

    Language: English

    Run Time: 41:49 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 12/11/15

    UPC: 3700398714318

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