Wingin It - Attunement (CD)

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Wingin It is the duo of Vakila Marjo ter Veld and Robert Halim Friedman - partners for over twenty years - whose original sound defines the Northern California sound: folk-rock on a reggae foundation. Backed by bass, percussion, keyboards, and additional guitar work on their studio debut Attunement, their original lyrics present Sufi mysticism, social justice themes, nature, and love mixed with lively rhythms. Some years back, the two of them began to sing and play at regular private jam sessions with country and bluegrass musicians. Then their spiritual path of Sufism began to mature - and Bob Marley and his music tumbled into their lives. From that experience came Attunement. Their performances at various Northern California venues over the past seven years include the Fillmore, Earth Dance Festival, Harmony Festival, Solfest, and others.

Track Listing

    • The Crush Is On
    • Love Me Like You Do
    • Awake Awhile
    • Alla Hu Jah
    • Brother Warrior
    • Natural Mystic
    • With Love Like This
    • Oh Listen Within
    • Yuba
    • Playing With Fire
    • Light Into Darkness
    • Redemption Song
    • Keys To The Kingdom
    • Pignic 2000
    • Give Yourself To Love

    Additional Details

    Label: Megawave

    Genre: Reggae

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 06/09/09

    UPC: 603408910126

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