Wraith - Undo the Chains (CD)

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Release Date: 09/24/21

3rd full length from this Racous Blackened Thrash band from the bowels of Indiana.

By the power of Cronos and invocation of the destructive riff fury of early Metallica, Bulldozer, and Motörhead, WRAITH are back with their fierce brand of NO BULLSHIT THRASH METAL! One listen to songs like 'Dominator' and 'Born to Die' will immediately reinforce their claim and have you moshing like it's 1984!' Angry Metal Guy calls Undo the Chains, 'a fun, mosh-ready thrash record, bursting at the seams with barely contained energy. The dual — and dueling — guitar attack of new axe-slinger Schulz and vocalist Matt Sokol churns out riff after riff.' Decibel Magazine recommends, 'For fans of Midnight and Toxic Holocaust, Wraith will deliver the goods and throw in some additional hints of Venom, Kill em’ All-era Metallica and The Force-era Onslaught.' Metal Blog, Teeth of the Divine, wrote, 'Their self-described brand of “No Bullshit Speed and Thrash Metal” has remained intact, while still finding ways to grow their sound and, to these ears anyway, do a damn fine job of filling some of that hole left behind by the loss of Power Trip. Between this, Bewitcher’s Cursed Be Thy Kingdom, and Enforced’s Kill Grid, the current state of American Thrash/Speed Metal is riding a new high that I am all the way here for. Give this one a spin and let the evil good times roll.'

Label: Redefining Darkness
Genre: Metal
Run Time: 40 mins

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