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Archers of Loaf - The Speed Of Cattle (CD)
Ari Shaffir - Revenge For The Holocaust (VINYL ALBUM)
Atrocity Solution - Tomorrow's Too Late (CD)
Baltimore Does Bowie (VINYL ALBUM)
Bang ! Bang ! - The Industry Box (CD)
Bang! Bang! - Decked Out (CD)
Bang! Bang! - Electric Sex (CD)
Bang! Bang! - The Dirt That Makes You Drown (CD)
Bang! Bang! - The Industry Ep (CD)
Barry Black - Self-titled (CD)
Barry Black - Tragic Animal Stories (CD)
Beer - Songs For The Apostolic (VINYL ALBUM)
Bengt Washburn - Bengt Over In Europe (CD)
Best Of Black Hoodz, Vol. 1 (VINYL ALBUM)
Blake Miller - Together With Cats (CD)
Blank - Appointment With Cyanide (VINYL ALBUM)
Blithe - Verse Chorus Verse (CD)
Bombardier Jones - Dare To Hope (CD)
Bosley - Honey Pig (CD)
Bosley - The Dirty Dogs Radio Show (CD)
Bosley - Unreal Fire (CD)
Bosley - Unreal Fire (VINYL ALBUM)
Brendon Burns - Pompously Lectures Americans (CD)

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