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Brogues - Modern Modes (VINYL ALBUM)
Candice Anitra - Bark Then Bite (CD)
Candice Anitra - Bark Then Bite (VINYL ALBUM)
Candice Anitra - Big Tree (CD)
Catastrofiks - The Cirrcus (CD)
Caustic Resin - The Afterbirth (CD)
Caustic Resin - Trick Question (CD)
Cerebral Corps - Attributed To Cerebral Corps (CD)
Certified Dope Vol. 1 & 2 (CD)
Certified Dope Vol. 4 (CD)
Chad Daniels - Busy Being Awesome (CD)
Chad Daniels - Natural Selection (CD)
Chad Daniels - You're The Best (CD)
Choking Victim - Crackrock Steady/squatta's (CD)
Chris Maddock - Point Of Entry (CD)
Chris Porter - Lost & Alone (VINYL ALBUM)
Clarke And The Himselfs And Friends - S/T (VINYL ALBUM)
Claudius Linton - Roots Master (CD)
Clouds Forming Crowns - Race To The Blackout (CD)
Clouds Forming Crowns - Self-titled (CD)
Coffinberry - From Now On Now (CD)
Coffinberry - God Dam Dogs (CD)

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