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4Backwoods - Be Different Or Die (CD)
Ascend The Hollow - Echoes Of Existence (CD)
Birdeatsbaby - The World Conspires (CD)
Braindance - Master Of Disguise (CD)
Croword - Crimson Gaze (CD)
Davidian - Hear Their Cries (CD)
Dead Lucky - Sons Of Lazarus (CD)
Fallen Mankind - Bleak Ocean (CD)
Henriette - Henriette (CD)
Jesus Chrusler Supercar - Lucifer (CD)
Kamikaze Kings - The Law (CD)
Killerhertz - A Mirror's Portrait (CD)
Last Men Standing - Ghost Notes (CD)
Nevaria - Finally Free (CD)
Oversense - Egomania (CD)
Oversense - The Storyteller (CD)
Pitchblack - Designed To Dislike (CD)
Pulse - Adjusting The Space (CD)
Sortout - Conquer From Within (CD)

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