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Agresiva - Decibel Ritual (CD)
Agresiva - Eternal Foe + Bonus Tracks (CD)
Ancient Spell - Forever In Hell (CD)
Antidote - The Truth + Bonus Disc (CD)
Antonello Giliberto - Journey Through My Memory (CD)
Atomkraft - Looking Back To The Future (VINYL ALBUM)
Begerith - A.D.A.M. (CD)
Begerith - A.D.A.M. (VINYL ALBUM)
Boohoos - Rocks For Real (papersleeve) (CD)
Bootlegs - Bootlegs (papersleeve) (CD)
Bootlegs - Wc Monster (papersleeve) (CD)
Burning Ground - Last Day Of Light (CD)
Challenge (papersleeve) (CD)
Craving Angel - Dark Horses (papersleeve) (CD)
Crisalide - Dark Inside (CD)
Dark Quarterer - The Etruscan Prophecy (LP)
Defyance - Amaranthine (papersleeve) (CD)
Defyance - Reincarnation (CD)
Defyance - Time Lost (papersleeve) (CD)
Defyance - Voices Within (papersleeve) (CD)
Devil Childe - Devil Childe (LP)
Disemballerina - Poison Gown (CD)

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