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Bruce Kurnow & Dean Magraw - Healing (CD)
Bruce Kurnow - A Winter's Harp (CD)
Bruce Kurnow - Balance (CD)
Bruce Kurnow - Dreams (CD)
Bruce Kurnow - Pachelbel's Christmas (CD)
Bruce Kurnow - Shadows On The Snow (CD)
Bruce Kurnow - The Evening Sky (CD)
Bruce Kurnow - The Road I've Traveled (CD)
Chris Vandercook - Blue Skies (CD)
Jennie Ruth - Healing Waves Of Sound (CD)
Joe Flip - Home Sweet Home (CD)
Nolen Sellwood - Otherwise (CD)
That's Why We Stand (CD)
Willie West - Can't Help Myself (CD)
Willie West - The Soul Sessions (CD)
Willie West - The Soul Sessions (LP)

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